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Health insurance

Health insurance

For many people who are unsure of what health insurance is, by reading this article you will better understand fully of what it consists of and what it does for you.  By general terms, health insurance provides protection for the individuals who fall sick are no longer able to sustain themselves via income to cover the medical bills.  Health insurance in return would cover your medical expenditures and assume the costs for you given that you are protected properly for it.

Health insurance
Health insurance

The benefits of health insurance

Health insurance like any other forms of insurance comes with great benefits as long as you are covered for the right things.  Many people assume that if you have life insurance you are covered for your incurring medical expenses as well.  That statement is false, and requires that you do have a specific insurance coverage in cases of illnesses or when you fall sick.  The benefits of having health insurance are to cover you in terms of your medical expenses.  Such expenses can be for medication, Clinique, doctor visits, and or pharmaceutical needs. 

Who generally needs health insurance?

There are thousands of people who may qualify for health insurance and may need it as well.  However, no one can determine when someone will fall sick and or will need medication.  The important thing is to ensure that you are rightly protected in case that does happen.  The best and most advised thing would be to ensure that you verify with a financial planner and or your doctor to see whether or not you are in need of health insurance.  It may certainly come in handy in your most dire times of need.

How much does health insurance cost?

There is a good variety of companies that offer good health insurance benefits and protection.  However, their rates will vary based on the type of protection you will need to the type of medical history you have.  The application generally goes through your medical records in order to ensure that you are in accordance with the application policies to give you the right type of benefit.  This process helps regulate the health insurance industry in contrast to servicing the right types of customers with their direct needs as well. 

If you’re looking for any other types of insurance inquiries feel free to search this blog for any articles that may fall of interest to you.  I also advise you to share this post if you found it interesting.  In addition, it is best advised to sit with a financial planner to verify whether or not you need health insurance and or any other insurance needs.  They work for your needs and you have the right to the most accurate information when it comes to protecting yourself.  

Life insurance Canada

Life insurance Canada

In this article, we will be viewing the different types of life insurance options that are available in Canada.  Every country comprises of unique bold attributes that make it a standard to live in them, as well as unique features of environments that were conditioned for the safety of our own selves, as well as for our families as well.  One of these safety factors are the protection of one’s jobs, his or her family, and of course the security of being healthy as well.  In today’s article, we will be reviewing the different types of life insurance options that are available in Canada, and review their benefits alike.

Life insurance Canada
Life insurance Canada

Life insurance in Canada is it a must?

From many families who remain yet unprotected rely on their income from day to day as a means of their insurance.  At least that’s what they believe it to be their sense of security.  Hundreds of thousands of Canadians as we go through article still remain unprotected due to much fear that may rise from uncertainty of insurance companies and their benefits.  It is our job as consumers to better understand our specific needs when it comes to protect ourselves and our families.  Although jobs may offer a sense of income security, there is no income security when one is deceased and passes away.  Who will nurture the family after your passing?  Knowing there is no one to work for the family and to provide for them as well without income.  That is why it is vital to get protection due to uncertain circumstances that may happen which we cannot control by nature.  Life insurance is an absolute must when it comes to protecting all the important things in your life.  That also includes you, the most important asset in your life. 

Life insurance in Canada and their prices

There are over a dozen different companies that offer you different types of insurance products that are available out there.  Although we cannot individually list their quotes and price indexes, it is very important as the applicant to understand some of the expectations of payments and coverage that you will be getting.  Price will always vary based on the type of protection that you wish to have.  It is very important to understand also what your needs are in order to determine the price factor.

For additional information regarding life insurance and all the benefits that it possibly may provide, you may browse through the blog by searching for a specific topic or article.  For any other additional life insurance quotes or inquiries, I advise you to sit with a financial planner and ensure that you have all the right information before choosing the type of protection and coverage that you wish to have.  

State farm insurance

State Farm Insurance 

One of the most renowned companies for providing death benefits is the state farm insurance company.  State farm offers its customers and users a variety of tools and resources to calculate the type of insurance an individual would need to protect him/her and their families.    State farm being of the oldest insurance companies’ offers its customers 3 different types of life insurance policies.  These insurance types are term, whole and universal life insurance policies.  Within this article, we will review each type of life insurance offered by state farm and see whether or not it would benefit you as the applicant who is trying to get protection.

State farm insurance
State farm insurance

State farm insurance: Term insurance and its products

In state farm insurance, there are a variety of categories for term life insurance itself.  The first thing we will look at is the “select term” insurance which starts at a 10 year, 20 year, or 30 year term.  The terms insurance costs start at only $15.23 a month for a 10 year term that covers $250,000, going to $15.45 a month for a 20 year term that covers you up to $250,000, and at $20.23 a month going for 30 year term coverage of $250,000.   

In addition, state farm insurance also offers “return of premiums” terms that star at either a 20 year term or a 30 year term.  This option allows the end user to regain all the premiums paid at the end of their term.  Coverage for these terms starts at $38.80 per month for a 20 year term that covers the user for $250,000, and at $40.25 for a 30 year term that covers the customer for $250,000 with reimbursable premiums at the end of the term.

There is also the “Mortgage life” option for 15 year terms and 30 year terms also.  These terms are designed to help for the repayment of the residential property in case of death.  The rates start at $21.58 per month for a 15 year term that covers the user up to $100,000, and of course at $22.45 per month for a 30 year term that covers you up to $100,000 in your property repayment. 

State farm insurance also offers a 5 year term life in case people want protection for a smaller term.  This term solutions cover you for 5 years starting at $15.88 per month, with coverage of $50,000.  This is an affordable life insurance solution for customers.

State farm insurance: Whole life insurance products

Like the term insurance options available at state farm, there is also whole life insurance protection available for those who wish to invest for their entire life cycle.  The first of the many of these whole term insurance policies are the “life time protection” option which starts at $78.13 per month for a coverage of $100,000. 
Furthermore, there is also “limited pay life” that covers the payee for 20 years starting at $99.88 per month for coverage of $100,000.  This option allows coverage for almost similar to a term.  However it offers the insurers to earn dividends on them as well.

Additionally, there is also “life paid up at 65” which offers insurance protection to customers that lets you stop paying at the age of 65.  The option starts at $107.88 per month payable up to age 65 as mentioned that covers you for $100,000.

Finally, there is the option of “the final expense” insurance that covers the user up to $10,000.  This option however, is only for those who are aged between 50 to 80 years old.  There is not much information that we can provide on this in terms of rates and or price indexes.  The best advisable solution to verify this data and to authenticate it is to visit the state farm insurance site itself.

State farm insurance: Universal life policies

Universal life insurance itself is unique, and state farm insurance provides 3 types of universal life insurance policies that allow the customer to both, pay for insurance, and invest in it as well.  Universal life insurance works in unique ways other than the conventional term or whole life insurance.  It offers the client the option of insurance as well as the option of investments all under 1 umbrella.  

In state farm insurance, there are 3 types of universal life insurance options available.  However, in this article we won’t be going over the price indexes as they vary user by user.  The amounts are only determined based on what an applicant really needs and how much they are willing to invest.  The options that are readily available in state farm are “universal life,” “survivorship universal life,” and “Joint universal life” insurance.  All 3 are unique and offer great protection with great investment benefits as well. 

Those were the different types of life insurance options that are available at state farm insurance.  For more information regarding them, you can always visit their website.  In addition, for any other information regarding life insurance in general, you may also wish to read my other articles that highlight the application procedures, benefits, and affiliated requirements for them as well.  

Term life insurance

Term life insurance

Like the name suggests, term life insurance is a coverage offered over a period of time with an expected payment amount each month.  There are a variety of term life insurance options available offered by many insurance companies presently.  In this article we will investigate the ways to get a term life insurance and what exactly it consists of, which will also include the application procedures to wrap it up. 

Term life insurance
Term life insurance

Why term life insurance?

Simply consider the following; you’re in your mid 20’s or even 30’s, and are currently working in a secure job, have 2 children who are growing up, and are in good shape and health.  A decade passes by, and you’re keeping all the elements stable.  Suddenly, you fall ill and are diagnosed with illness that puts you in doubt of what is ahead and are burdened with heavy mortgage debt, Kids College funds yet not raised, and income for your family to sustain them.  That’s where your term insurance should technically kick in.  For we never know, what tomorrow holds.  Term insurance can be given in many different options.

The different term life insurance options

Technically, term life insurance comes in usually 3 intervals.  These intervals are a 10 year term, 20 year term, or ultimately a 30 year term.  They vary by increments of 10 years to offer the end user a good price policy in the premiums.  This helps the insured know that they will be covered for a good term if something were to happen.    Usually, the most common type of insurance is the one with the longest term, for protection in considered long term in today’s times. 

How do the payments vary in term life insurance?

As mentioned previously, when choosing a term life insurance, the longer your term, the less you pay.  That is usually the case for all insurance companies.  By recommendation, consulting with a financial planner will help you review your budget based on the specific needs of your family, health, and income required to operate in the future in case of emergency.  Through the assessment, you will know for what kind of term insurance you would want to apply.

Applying for term insurance

When it comes to application for term insurance, you would want to compare the different quotes offered by the many insurance companies associated in your country.  The best advice is to once again consult with a financial planner and go through exactly what your needs are, and then proceed with the application process. 
For more information about life insurance or inquiries, feel free to read my other articles that highlight different segments of insurance companies.  

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Canada Life Insurance

Canada Life Insurance

There are a series of Canada life insurance companies that are part of the majority of the market.  One of my previous articles highlighted a few by their names.  In this article however, we will look at what are some of the things we should know about these companies and what are some of the careful steps to consider when it comes to our own application towards them.

Canada is in one of the most interesting insurance markets. As one of the biggest countries of the world, we also carry very good insurance companies with us.  Our population is diverse and we all come from different backgrounds.  With these elements we are all associated one way or the other.  These factors actually help insurance companies determine what kinds of premiums they will charge us.  So why is it important for us Canadians to be more aware when picking the right type of insurance policy?  It’s simple, because we want to ensure that we can get the right type of protection based on our circumstances. 

Canada Life Insurance
Canada Life Insurance

How Life Insurance in Canada works

Like the general market with other countries.  Life insurance policies in Canada are issued as they would be elsewhere around the world.  Circumstances are slightly different; however it is something that we should always keep in mind.  Some critical factors of consideration come from your health, work, and of course the medical history you contain. 

What kind of rates do Canada life insurance companies charge?

The rates vary from company to company on the type of insurance that you are currently looking for.  Generally the rates charged by Canadian insurance firms are very similar to that of the United States as well.  It is important to remember that insurers go through a series of background checks in your application as mentioned previously before determining the premium you would be paying.

Our best advice to those who will be applying is to go through a financial planner.  They have better understanding of your budget and needs as opposed to insurers.  It will help you get a more clear perspective on the type of insurance that you want and will help you likewise make a more informed decision.  

Best life insurance in Canada

Best life insurance in Canada

There are dozens of life insurance companies in Canada.  When we look to protect ourselves, we need to look after the best protection.  That means, we need to be insured by only the best.  However, it is not always easy to find the best because it takes good effort and research to come across something that’s considered the “best.”

In life insurance, especially in Canada, there is a variety of top competing companies that measure up to what may be considered the top best insurance companies of this time.  I’ve listed most of them that are operating in Canada presently.  Below is a list of all the insurance companies presently available in Canada. 

Best life insurance in Canada
Best life insurance in Canada

ACA Assurance (L’Union-Vie Compagnie Mutuelle/ Union Life Mutual)

Assumption Life

Bingham Group Services Corp. (BGS)

BMO Life Assurance Company (formerly AIG Life Insurance)

Canada Life Insurance Company of Canada

Canada Protection Plan

Canadian Tire Life Insurance

Co-operators Life Insurance Company

Desjardins Financial Security

Empire Life Insurance Company

Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada

Faith Life Financial

Foresters Life Insurance Company (Formerly Unity Life of Canada)

Great-West Life Assurance Company

IA Excellence

Industrial Alliance Life Insurance

Industrial Alliance Pacific Life

La Capitale Life Insurance

London Life Insurance Company

Manulife Financial | Manulife Life Insurance

Medavie Blue Cross

National Life Insurance Company

Primerica Life Insurance

RBC Life Insurance

Reliable Life Insurance Company

Scotia Life Financial

SSQ Life Insurance Company Inc. (Formerly AXA Life Insurance Inc.)

Standard Life Assurance Company

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

Transamerica Life Canada

UL Mutual Company

Union of Canada Life Insurance

Wawanesa Life Insurance Company

All of the companies listed above offer you a variety of formats in insurance policies for you to choose from.  However, each application is unique and premiums are decided based on the review of your application.  

Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

There are a lot of people who are in dire need of life insurance yet it is a growing problem.  Many believe that life insurance is meant for the rich and wealthy people.  That specific statement is not correct.  In fact there are a variety of policies that correspond to the type of insurance that you specifically will need.  

In today's society, there are a series of risks associated with our daily living conditions.  Such risks are; vehicles, surroundings, natural disasters, etc.  We should always consider these elements and safeguard our loved ones if anything were to happen.  However, it is understood that sometimes choosing the best type of insurance is not easy.  Specially when it comes to choosing your type of life insurance.  

Comparing different life insurance quotes is essential

Life insurance quotes
Life insurance quotes

The reason initially why people would certainly want to compare and contrast different types of life insurance quotes is to ensure that they can get the best type of savings when paying the premiums for their policies.  Due to natural events and or accidents, the family who suffers the loss goes through a devastating time, and therefore it is very crucial to know that the type of protection that the beneficiary got is good.

How to find and shop for the best policies

There are a series of ways in which you can find life insurance quotes. My most recommended one would be to understand your needs specifically. Determine what you need by asking yourself a series of questions that
will identify the type of life insurance policy that you will surely need.  Let's review some of these questions.

- How much protection do I need?
- How much can I afford to put away every month?
- What type of insurance would best fit my needs?

The questions listed above help us get a better understanding of the type of insurance we will need.  When it comes to comparison, you will need quite a bit of information already at hand so that it will help you in your choice.  The most common and preferred method of research would be the internet.  Having a series of different websites and company quotes will help you look through and find the best policies that you are looking for.

For more information, you may read my other articles to help you better understand life insurance in general with its benefits.  

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The application for canadian life insurance

The application for canadian life insurance

There are severeal ways of how you can apply for Canadian life insurance.  It is however, advised that before you do, to better understand the type of protection and policy that you would want protection for.  All of the pertinent information that you are looking for can be found by looking through a diverse range of companies and their quotes on the insurance plans that they provide individually.

The application for canadian life insurance
The application for canadian life insurance

In addition, there are a series of technical terms and factors that you would want to understand before filing and application to any companies.  Understanding these terms and technicalities is very essential, for it will ultimately help you make a more informed decision overall. To get the best possible help, I would recommend using at least a financial planner who has more of a knowledge base of budget rather than an insurer itself.  

Going deeper into the application process, you have to ensure that you read about the fine prints that are applicable to all of the Canadian insurance companies that you are applying for.  It is very crucial to understand the terms and conditions of these companies.  Failure to do so may result in unnecessary problems such as excessive delays in response from the companies to correct and or rectify certain situations.

Doing efficient market research can help you find the best quotes out there.  There are a good amount of Canadian insurance companies that offer quotes via their online platforms.  This helps us better understand what kind of price comparisons we can potentially have.  However, please bare in mind that the price quoted online may change as some of information that is generated is by standard of average calculations.  Even upon applying online, most insurance companies will require for you to take specific documents in certain places.  

After each application, it is very essential as the end user to hand the appropriate documents on time. Failure to do so may result in substantial delays in response from the insurance companies.  At certain cases, it may even result in the rejection of your application.  

For more information regarding application questions that insurance companies may ask in order to evaluate your request, you may always refer back to one of my articles that talks about life insurance and its application process. 

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance, Can we live without it?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are not secured with their own personal insurances, which bring us to the question of, do we really need coverage?  Recalling from one of my previous articles speaking about life insurance policies and the importance of considering it, personal insurance is something that we should always consider. 

The ideal personal insurance questions:

-          Why is personal insurance important for me?
-          Do I really want to invest in personal insurance right now?
-          When is the best time to consider personal insurance?

These are the most common questions in relevance to personal insurance.  Of course budget being one of the primary reasons why people hold back from even investing or considering a personal insurance policy. 

personal insurance
Personal Insurance

As per standard, why should personal insurance be of importance in order for you to consider it for yourself?  When it comes to dealing with your job, family, and your health conditions you want to ensure that everything is stable and consistent.  You want to ensure that your job is secure, your family’s future is looked after, and that your health is in good condition in order for you to keep working.  All these are very important, and as we know, unfortunately, all these are also something that we cannot control by any means.  The only control we have is to continue progressing while trying to hold all of that together.

If you’re still unsure of whether or not you want to invest in personal insurance, the best thing to ask yourself is what is your biggest asset?  Most people would answer in a variety of ways.  They would say that their biggest assets are their homes, their cars, their families, to even the land that they own.  Unfortunately none of them is really considered ones most important personal asset.  The biggest personal asset we have is ourselves and we need to invest in “us” before in any other things.  That means securing the only element which can have a grip on all the things listed above.  Without “us” there is no continuous circulation in any given area, whether it is family, work, and or even your health conditions stability.  That brings us to the next question.

When is the best time to invest in personal insurance?  There are tons of options available to find a good liable personal insurance company.  As mentioned previously, you would want to also look at my article that talks about life insurance and the contributing factors in which insurance companies go through when reviewing your application.  When it comes to really looking for a good insurance policy, it is best to start while you’re still young.  As you age, the more you’ll spend in insurance without a doubt.  The best time, is this time. 

These basic questions should help you determine whether or not you’re fit to start investing in personal insurance.  If you’re still unsure, I invite you to read more similar articles to help you clarify more about personal insurance and its affiliated benefits.  

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance, is it really necessary?

Life insurance by nature provides protection to the families or beneficiary of the individuals who pass away by either natural causes and/or accident. As an investment option, life insurance does provide the protection that people need on a case of loss and or emergency.  It should be considered, however, there are a lot of things that we will be looking over in order to justify what type of life insurance you probably would fit best having.  

When it comes to choosing life insurance, it perhaps isn't the easiest thing you'll do.  Considerations such as; the type of job you have, your health conditions, to even the future family you'll be raising should all be considered.  Let's review these criteria's a bit further.

Life insurance and your job:

One of the most common things that an insurance company will look at before approving your application is the job you currently do.  For that matter, if your job is riskier, per say "construction," it is very likely that you will end up paying more on your monthly premiums.  The reason why life insurance companies consider this criteria is due to collective historical facts and by determining the risks associated with your current job.  However, if you're working say behind a desk in an office, it is very likely that you'll end up paying a lot less in premiums than if you were working in construction.

Life insurance
Life Insurance and your job

Life insurance and your health:

The other important element in life insurance plans is your health condition.  If you're generally healthy and are physically well, you may be paying less.  It's simple, the more health hazards you contain, the more you'll be paying in your life insurance policy.  The reason why this factor is critical, is due to excessive habits that individuals have such as smoking, alcohol drinking, and taking any other forms of hazardous substances that may harm your body.  It works similarly like your job position.  The more risks, the more you pay.

Life Insurance
Life insurance and your health

Life insurance and your family:

Finally, one of the most crucial factors to any life insurance policies that you'll be having is your family.  Whether you have a dependent or children, they are a part of your daily life and will require a form of financial aid.  In addition, if your children are currently attending high school or beginner level education, it is very important to consider their future education funds.  There are a lot of people who forget this very vital component when choosing the type of protection they want, and how much protection they want.  Post educational studies for the children, if you're a parent, should be a prime calculation in your life insurance protection policy.  

Life insurance
Life insurance and your family

By standard, the elements listed above will be something to always consider whenever choosing the type of life insurance policy you would wish to have.  There are of course thousands of other factors that may come about such as; family medical history, medications, locality, etc.  However, whatever is listed in this article are the prime factors that really matter whenever a life insurance company reviews your application.  

If you have any further questions or comments you'd like to add please feel free to leave one after reading this post.  We invite all of those who are reading this to share the article.  Hope the information contained was helpful.